“Eat Better” – The Covid aftermath and the focus on health

“Eat Better” – The Covid aftermath and the focus on health

It is now widely believed that the Pandemic will leave behind a world quite different from the one that ushered it back in Dec 2019. Here we won’t get into the so-called prophesies of economic doom and the era of “zoom” but will focus on how it will be from the perspective of food and health. The attention to health and hygiene in general will continue to be up on the flagpole long after we are done with the crisis, along with it will be the focus on Eating Better - better quality food that is handled better, grown better, processed better and ultimately one that can make our health better.

While factory production has, over the years, helped lower food prices, it has however affected food “quality” in a fairly negative way with economics and shelf life taking center stage than quality and freshness. “Imported” (Wax(s)h…ton) apples and their availability throughout the year taking the place of seasonal Kashmir Apples is a prime example. In the spices business we are in a funny era today where the rural middle class who still follows the age-old principle of processing drying and grinding their own spices is eating better than their richer city counterparts who consume factory manufactured spice powders. Ask your kaam wali bai (maid) and she will swear by the quality of spice she uses or gets from her village than the one in your kitchen closet.

At FreshGround we are using process and technology to bring back the traditional way of fresh consumption & fresh grinding of spices. With our grinding on demand technology and a subscription model, consumers get access to freshly ground spice at their doorstep, unadulterated and uncontaminated … much like the spice of the yore and the “better” spices that your kaam wali baai mocks you with. In corona times we are pushing ourselves further to ensure contactless deliveries as well 100% sterile production with mandatory use of gloves, masks, temperature checks and the works

Eat Better - Stay Healthy, Stay Safe



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