Dating and Half Life

Dating and Half Life

The dating part caught your attention now, didn’t it? We will get to it in a moment, just a little, as we set up the context here.

If you’ve studied your Chemistry in eleventh standard you would remember (most won't) that every radioactive element – stuff like Radium, Uranium, Thorium and all that is used in the big Nuclear power plants, has something called a Half Life. The element, as it radiates, loses its potency, and with time, ends up becoming a completely different element. So, stuff like Uranium & Thorium start as themselves – give off this radiation and end up as Lead. Each radioactive element has a different time in which it loses half of itself – and this period is called its Half Life.

Now coming back to Dating – and please don't kill me for this – what we are talking about here is not the birds & the bees kind of dating – for that there are ample different websites. What we are referring to is “date” – ing. Recall Radio-Carbon “Date”- ing that scientists do to determine the age of a fossil – that’s the one. I am sure by now you are wishing that I too were a fossil but just stay on this thought for a moment and you will start to see the connection.

Half Life & Dating are connected, and this connection is used to find out the age of things – for today’s purpose that is how much we need to know.
You will be wondering now what all this Chemistry and the non-dating type of Dating is doing on the FreshGround Blog. Let me explain. Spice is Radioactive, well not really but it kind of behaves as if it is. As it Radiates (Gives off Flavour & Aroma) it loses its potency and with time it ends up becoming a completely different substance. Not just that – the rate of decay increases DRAMATICALLY once the spice is ground. Hence if you are consuming Chilli that was ground 3 months back then it is really not Chilli at all – it is as good as Husk – exactly the same as how Uranuim turns to Lead - & that is why “Fresh” “Ground” is important - that is the only way you can enjoy REAL spice and will not end up eating Lead. This is also where Spice Subscriptions come in and ordering of fresh spice regularly – once every 15 days - so that you get to eat the REAL thing in every meal. With the FreshGround Innovation we are able to do all this AT SCALE i.e. - Fresh Grinding in small batches and delivery to customers within a few hours/ days of grinding, so that wherever you may be across the globe, a freshly ground packet of spice can make its way to you every fortnight.

Thanks for reading & for being a small part of the FreshGround journey. If you are still confused & angry about the Date thing then get hold of the XI standard Chemistry textbook 😊



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PS2: For the Chem freaks out there - here is the Uranium 328 decay series. Uranium (U238) takes 4.5 Billion years to turn to Lead (Pb206) while Polonium (Po218) converts to Lead (Pb214) in 3.05 Minutes
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